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What is an Escape Room?


This is a real-life escape game. You and your team will enter for one hour in an especially designed room. In order to escape on time, you have to play as a team to solve all our riddles and to find all hidden items. Our challenges are diverse and there is something for everyone - you will have to be observant, a moment later you will be in a complete darkness and you will have to trust your hearing; you will find encoded messages, you will test your communication skills and dexterity. It may sound complex, but actually you don`t need any special skills or preparation - just come and have fun!


Most imporant:

Get a team - you have to be between 2 and 5 people.

You have only 60 minutes.

Come to have fun!



Game: Escape from the trap


Take a look around…No doors, no windows, no way to get out. Your eyes frenetically start looking for something that may help you escape. You look at your friends. In their eyes you can see the same question - what should we do?

And then you see it – a box. You open it...ok, inside is your first task. Start! Read, think, discuss. You give a try…mistake…another try…BOOM! SUCCESS! You overcome the first challenge…The feeling of satisfaction rushes through your veins.

You decide how to continue forward




I continue the game


35 lv.



Team of 2

28 lv.



Team of 3

25 lv.



Team of 4

23 lv.



Team of 5



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