What actually is an escape room?

If you just discovered the escape rooms then everything is ok :) Actually they exist around the world from 10 years, but are gaining popularity just now. This is a new entertainment, where you and your friends are being locked in a room that has no exit. Little by little, as you carefully examine everything around, you notice different clues and objects that you may use to solve different puzzles and riddles and to escape the room. You don't need special knowledges or skills, everything you need is critical thinking, observation skills and ability to play (and have fun :) ) in a team.

According to Wikipedia the first Real-life Escape Game is designed by Takao Cato in Kioto, Japan, in 2007, who got inspired by video games: "I wanted to make something new when the girl sitting next to me said she is keen on online games. So I just tried to make such a game in real life. Also, I have always wondered why interesting things don`t happen in life as in books. So I decided to make my own adventure where me and my friends can be the main characters.

Escape rooms gained big popularity and became a hit first in Asia, then Australia, USA and Europe, rapidly becoming more than 2200 worldwide (according to escaperoomdirectory.com). And from 2014 they are already in Sofia and another cities of Bulgaria. What do all escape rooms have in common? The satisfaction and the andrenalin, the clever riddles and puzzles, that are leading to the scope of the game - to escape the room in the predefined time. But what made this type of entertainment so popular? The possibility to feel something new, the gratification when you solve the riddle and the complete detachment from the real world for one hour!

Can I leave at any time? Is everything safe?

Although more than 8000 people have played in our escape room, up until now there have been no clients wishing to leave the Room prior the end of the game. Anyway the door is not locked and you can leave if you want. Your teammates can continue the game.

The safety of our players is of upmost importance for us, we watch you and listen to you during the whole game and we are ready to take actions if needed.

Anyway, if you suffer from claustrophobia, epilepsy or you have a baby in your tummy – please notify us :)

How can we make a reservation?

Take a look at our calendar in Reservations. Choose a free hour and fill your details, shortly after that you will receive our e-mail for confirmation. Or simply call us on +359 (0)888 453 930.

How can we pay our Hour Escape booking?

For your convenience, you can pay cash here, when you arrive for your Hour Escape adventure. We accept Bulgarian Leva and Euro.

Where are you located?

Hour Escape is located in the center of Sofia, meters away from the main shopping street Vitosha blvd and the Palace of Justice.

How to get to Hour Escape?

By subway: nearest station is Serdika with 6 minutes walks

By tram:

trams 10, 12 and 18 - station Garibaldi square with 1 minute walk

trams 5 and 8 - station Palace of justice with 1 minute walk

Check the Map or give us a call on +359 888 453 930 for detailed instructions:).

How many people can participate?

Hour Escape is a Real-life escape game suitable for teams of 2-5 players.

Can I leave the room at any time? 

Yes, you can exit the room at any time.

What is the duration of the game?

Your Hour Escape adventure lasts one hour. Please come 5-10 minutes before the starting time, so that your game can start on time.

At what time should we arrive?

Hour Escape is a real-life game and in order to guarantee you a pleasant stay, we are asking you to come 5-10 minutes before your booked hour. Please take into consideration that in case you come with more than 15 minutes delay, we reserve the right to cancel your booking.

We made a reservation, can we change the number of players?

Yes, of course. But since the arrangement of the puzzles depends on how much people will partecipate, please inform us before you come at Hour Escape.

Why Hour Escape is different than the other escape rooms?

We created interactive puzzles and games, that are different from all that you have seen until now. We don't have dozens of hidden keys or codes, for which you have to turn the whole place upside down. Instead of this, you have to show ingenuity, logical thinking and team-spirit. Our riddles will provoke you and will make you feel the iunforgettable feeling of satisfaction.

Is the game suitable for a team building?

We designed Hour Escape with the idea of creating a team-activity that will bring people together. The unusual situations, the different puzzles and games require diverse thinking. One of the most important factors for a successful escape is the communication within the team, also we have games which require more than one person in order to be solved.

Should we have any special knowledges?

No, just take your good mood and your teammates and come to play and have an hour of fun! :)

Can I make a voucher gift?

Yes, we can arrange for you an unforgettable present for your friends and relatives.

Birthday, bachelor party or a surprise for no reason. In order everything to be special, we can personalize our games for you - names, dates and personal items can be included in our games and puzzles. And to guarantee you a unique experience, your friend will receive a mystic letter that will inform him for the day and hour of the adventure.

Please contact us for more information.