Do you love puzzles? Well, try to solve this! Gorry and Lorry had a night full of adventures. They spoke with a ghost before killing a vampire. They escaped from a zombie after they became friends with a werewolf. But they escaped the zombie before talking to the ghost. In what order have they met with each monster? Anyone who sent... [Read more]

Escape rooms are still developing and no one could guess how they would look in few years. These are nine secrets to the escape-esque business: Are you on your way to start such a business? Maybe you should keep in mind few things.      1. Beginning is harder than you think. Much harder. Escape rooms are becoming... [Read more]

Playing games is the most natural thing for kids . This is their mechanism by which they learn to live - imitating the adults by playing games. And although computer games often transfer children to a world that is far away and very different from the world in which we live, even these games are in some ways educational for... [Read more]

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus once said: "There is nothing constant but change." As a leader in your company you know this more than well. Change and insecurity are a constant company of many employees. It is impossible to eliminate this uncertainty, but you can help your colleagues to make it easier with changing their workplace. Team... [Read more]

Lately, the question of success has been raised more and more frequently. But what does it actually represent? And when did you realize it was happening? We think - from Hour escape - it's like enjoying what you do, but also getting recognized for it. We believe that, because that is our experience with the Escape Room. And we want to... [Read more]

What could your business do if you had a "dream team" of employees? Perhaps you will be more productive? You will have bigger profits? You will want to come to work every day? For many managers, it is easy to imagine this scenario, but it is difficult to achieve it. And in many cases, they could not even imagine achieving this type of... [Read more]

The vacation is time for fun! And what better fun than ESCAPE ROOM? Gather a team of friends and try to escape from the Trap together! You only have one hour to find how to get out! Every weekday until 15.07.2017 play in the Hour Escape Trap for only 60 leva per team in the hours from 10:00 to 16:00 inclusive. Or just... [Read more]

We have seen it many times. People come to the Hour Escape with the desire to compete (with themselves or with others) and to win. In the Room they play as a team, solve the puzzles, go ahead. From time to time we give directions that keep the pace of the game and their adrenaline, but here is exactly the last puzzle, the clock counts the last... [Read more]

12 years - a very specific age, especially when it comes to organizing birthdays. In this period - 12 - 14 years - adolescents are neither children nor adults. On the one hand, they would not enjoy a birthday with sandwiches and soft drinks but also they are not big enough to have fun as adults. Therefore, parents, you have to think about... [Read more]